Overview of Home Study Fee Schedule

Only if You Live in NC, and We’re Your Home Study Agency:


Home Study Application Fee              $          200.00
Home Study Fees       
 Payment 1  $         1,350.00  
 Payment 2  $          1,350.00   
 Total    $          2,900.00  



For A Detailed Description and Definition of The Fees


What you Need-to-Know about the “Home Study”

  • We’ll only do your home study if you live in NC
  • We have many parents in NC, our state, but most of our parents are from many different states across our beautiful country. 
  • If we’re not doing your home study, the home study fee schedule above would not apply to you.  
  • Your local home study agency will make sure that you meet your state requirements.  We will work closely with them, since day 1, to make sure that you meet all federal and foreign country requirements.  Our fee for supervising the home study agency and reviewing your home study is $900. 
  • Over our 15 years of experience, we’ve developed many friendly relationships with home study agencies in several state.  We can put you in touch with these agencies


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