Adoption Grants

Several Options for Adoptive Parents

What Options Do I have with Adoption Grants?


Adoption grants and low interest loans can help adoptive parents with the cost of international adoption

There are several adoption grant and loan options that are available for adoptive parents pursuing international adoption. 

We are happy to share some of them with you below.  These organizations are third parties to us, and they operate separately from our agency.

With most grants, you would need to have a completed home study which approves you as an adoptive parent.

Both Hands:

This is a really cool ministry where the adopting family serves a widow.  The effor they put forth serving the widow is sponsored and the money goes towards the adoption expense.  

Both Hands Website

Lifesong for Orphans:

Lifesong seeks to mobilize the Church to care for the orphan.  In addition to grants, they also do loans.

Lifesong For Ophans Webstie

MILITARY Adoption Reimbursement

Federal law authorizes reimbursement for certain expenses associated with adoption to a maximum of $2000 per child and not to exceed $5000 per calendar year. In order to qualify for the reimbursement, service members must be serving on continuous active duty for at least 180 days and the adoption must be finalized while on active duty. In addition, the claim must be submitted while on active duty and within the timeframe specified in DoD Instruction 1341.09 (within two years of the date that the adoption was finalized for claims submitted on and after July 5, 2016; within one year for claims submitted prior to that date).

DFAS Webstie


Show Hope:

Organized by Christian Singer, Steven Curtis Chapman.  Show Hope offers grants to Christian adoptive parents.  Most grants require you to have a finished home study.

Show Hope Website

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Each year since 2002, the Foundation has surveyed the nation’s employers and ranked the 100 Best Adoption-Friendly Workplaces. The 2018 list includes a diverse group of organizations, with six to nearly 500,000 employees, representing 22 industries.

Dave Thomas Foundation Website


ABBA Fund:

Founded by Christian adoptive families to help others adopt.  They offer interest free loans as part of their program in the range of $6,000 – $8,000.  Other Options available.

Abba Fund Website

Katelyn’s Fund Orphan Ministry

Founded by believers wishing to help others and give them hope through their orphan ministry and grants that are available.  They give higher priority to families who make less than $100,000 a year.  

Katelyn’s Fund Orphan Ministry Website


A Child Awaits:

They are a non-profit family foundation formed for the exclusive purpose of providing grants and low-interest loans to help families adopt children internationally.  According to their website, they awarded grants to 183 families which resulted in the adoption of 225 children from 21 different countries. 

A Child Awaits Website

The Never Alone Foundation

According to their site, they have awarded over $240,000 in an effort to help bring home or provide financial assistance to 98 children.  Different grants are available that families can apply for. 

The Never Alone Foundation Website


The Sparrow Fund

They give grants to help families cover the medical cost of a review of a referral of a child.

The Sparrow Fund Website



The CMomA Gifting Program Objective is to give up to ten $5,000 CMomA Grants per year to eligible new parents adopting older children in need (age 2-17) or special needs children of all ages, both domestically and internationally

CMomA Website

Gift of Adoption Fund

According to their website, Gift of Adoption is the largest provider of adoption assistance grants awarded without regard to race, religion, age, marital status, or sexual orientation. Grants of up to $10,000 are awarded monthly to qualified applicants to remove prohibitive financial barriers and make possible the adoptions of some of the most vulnerable children in the U.S. and around the world. 

Gift of Adoption Website


Angels in Disquise:

Non-profit Down syndrome organization created in 2008.  They offer assistance to those wishing to adopt a child with Down’s Syndrom. 

Angels In Disquise Website

Dream 4 Adoption

Under this program Dream4Adoption will be accepting applications for grants for the home study phase of adopting families. This program seeks to fund up $1,500.00 directly to the service provider involved in your adoption. There is also a bonus of $500.00 for the family when they complete the post adoption process.

Dream4Adoption Website


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