Bulgarian Adoption Dossier Guidelines

International Adoption
Below are your “Bulgaria Adoption Dossier Guidelines”. Some of the recent changes in the Bulgarian dossier requirements are actually in our favor, as they make thing easier.  Lets get started on the following below: 
Your Adoption Education
REQUIRED ADOPTION EDUCATION: Select the “Hague Package” for $149.  (Not China Edition).  This package includes 5 courses for a total of 10 credit hours of training on topics required for international adoption by the Hague Convention.  17% discount when you purchase as a package.
REQUIRED ADOPTION PREPARATION: Please click on the photo below to be redirected to a website where you can purchase a DVD package, called “Healing Families Package”. Instead of ordering the DVDs, you can now order everything digitally.  This reduces the prices from $250 (for the DVDs) to $165 if you buy them digitally.   
Bulgarian Adoption Dossier List