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As always, we are excited to share another St. Mary’s adoptive parents’ blog with their incredible adoption story from Poland.  We love reporting that per God’s will, another child has been saved and placed into a Christian home.  Below is an incredible story of an adoptive family who grew by one, for a total of 4 kids and 2 adults!

We love to use technology to educate future adoptive parents about adopting.  We get excited every time we’re given the opportunity to share one of our adoptive parents’ blow with future adoptive parents.  We think it is important to use this aspect of educating about adoption because a blog is unfiltered and real!   As adoption profesionals, we can only tell you so much.  But the real adoptive parents can tell you so much more.  So many true feelings at each stage of their adoption process outlined in a timeline that provides a sea of information about the adoption process. Take a look for yourself below:

We are thankful to our adoptive parents for sharing their Polish adoption story with everyone interested to learn more about the process of adopting from Poland.

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