Adopting Siblings from Bulgaria

Adoption After Covid

Meet one of our families who is adopting an adorable sibling group from Bulgaria, despite Covid delays.

They visited their children in Bulgaria this past April, 2021.

Adoptive family bonding in Bulgaria.

Bonding in Bulgaria – April 2021!

Adopting Internationally During Covid

The pictures you see from our family’s trip is only possible after the family completes all necessary paperwork including an approved home study, a CIS approval and a completed dossier.

It wasn’t easy getting all these documents and keeping them current during 2020 with all of the Covid delays.  But they did it!

Now, that they’ve met their children, they’re deeply in love with them!

Every adoptive parent fears that they’ll do everything right, but that the child they’re adopting may reject them.   In this case though, the children are accepting of their love and love them back!

Its another family that Christ Jesus has put together through adoption, and we’re humbled to have helped them along the way!

Adoptive father and son playing together
Father and son playing a game
Adoptive son and his dad playing futbol!

Most Popular Countries to Adopt From?

If you are researching and would like to compare the most popular countries to adopt from, we’ve put together data for:  Bulgaria, Ukraine, Latvia, China, Colombia, India, Haiti, Nigeria, and Poland.  See all most popular countries here.

Continue Your Adoption Research

We are humbled to have over 19 years of experience with Bulgarian and Polish international adoption.  Let our experience enrich your research.  The answers to these questions about the process are written through experience and know how.  Sometimes the answers may surprise you for the better.  Text us or call us with any questions.  704 527 7673.

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