Adopting Siblings from Bulgaria

Welcome Home – March 2022

Meet one of our families who adopted their beautiful children from Bulgaria in 30 months despite dealing with Covid in the midst of their adoption.  

Welcome home!  Here are some pics from their post adoption report! To Christ the glory for 2 less orphans! 

30 Months from Start to Finish


As we all know 2020 shocked all of us and caused several delays on multiple levels.  Their path wasn’t always easy, but they kept their eyes on the outcome, instead of the difficulties, and now they have their family! 

A waiting child Bulgarian adoption in the middle of Covid, in around 30 months, is something to be grateful for!

Check out their timeline below.

– Waiting Child – 
Step 1MOJ Application1 Month
Step 2Finish Home Study8 Months (covid)
Step 3Get CIS Approval3 Months (covid)
Step 3.5Home Study Update4 Months
Step 3.5 (Part 2)Home Study Update4 Months
Step 4Dossier Submitted to Bulgaria4 Months (covid)
Step 5First Trip 1 Month
Step 5.5Home Study Update4 Months
Step 6Pick Up Trip1 Month
Total 30 Months

* A Home Study Update may be required for multiple reasons.  One reason that applies to everyone is that USCIS’ approval is for 15 months.  It has to stay current in order to finish your adoption.  However, there are circumstances that may trigger an update, such as change of residence.  To learn more about that, schedule a free consult with an adoption specialist by texting “free consult” to to 704 527 7673.

See Other People’s Timelines

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Roll With The Punches

Being asked to provide a document, but unable to because your local service is closed down due to covid can be challenging.  As we’ve done adoptions for over 22 years now, we know that the process will throw some challenges at you even if theire is no world pandemic.  Though it may be hard at the time, we’ve never had one of our parents call us once they’re done to say, I wish I didn’t do it.  Its all forgotten at the end, similarly to how birth pain is forgotten.  

We’re thankful to this family’s home study agency, Nightlight who did a tremendous job helping the family roll with the punches and updates necessary to bring their kids home.  

We are also grateful to the Bulgarian Central Authority and US Embassy in Sofia who processed things quickly once paperwork was submitted, despite covid dealys. 

Trip 1 – Visit Children

The pictures you see from our family’s trip is only possible after the family completes all necessary paperwork including an approved home study, a CIS approval and a completed dossier.

With Bulgarian adoptions, adoptive parents get to go visit their child before giving consent to move forward to the step of finalizing the adoption.  You can think of this as your “bonding trip”.  During this time, parents have the full attention of our social worker who is standing by to offer advise and counseling to ensure a smoother beginning of the relationship.  A preparation on this topic is covered in the home study, but the first trip is putting the theory to practice. 

Adoptive dad and son playing together outside.
Father and adoptive son playing a fuseball game.
Adoptive dad bonding with his son by playing soccer.

Post Adoption Pics

We love to see happy families when they share pictures with us from their post adoption reports.  Bulgaria requries 5 post adoption reports.  These are at 2 weeks, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months.  

We share the joy in sharing a few of these pics with you as we celebrate this family whom we believe God put together through adoption. Enjoy! 

Adopted child going to school in America with his peers.
Mom and her adopted children taking a funny selfie in the car.
Adopted siblings, mom, and grandparents take a selfie!
Young boy showing off his cool new haircut.

Succes Stories

Learning about the process by seeing how different families went through each step can be a good learning experience for future adoptive parents.  We've shared several stories, each with real timelines, and steps, as they happened in real life to real families.

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Adopted 2 Year Old

Waiting Children


To see waiting children, please fill out this form.


To see waiting children, please fill out this form.


To see waiting children, please fill out this form.

Understanding the Cost

With our agency, which we believe is unique, the cost of the adoption becomes due on your own timetable, not ours.  We call this a floating fee structure”

We also offer 37 month financing which lets you make a fixed monthly payment for 37 months.  Some of our parents love this option because it lets them spend less money before they can qualify for grants.

Getting the adoption tax credit also helps parents with the cost of international adoption.

Bulgarian Orphanages

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Most Popular Countries to Adopt From?

If you are researching and would like to compare the most popular countries to adopt from, we’ve put together data for:  Bulgaria, Ukraine, Latvia, China, Colombia, India, Haiti, Nigeria, and Poland.  See all most popular countries here.

Continue Your Adoption Research

We are humbled to have over 19 years of experience with Bulgarian and Polish international adoption.  Let our experience enrich your research.  The answers to these questions about the process are written through experience and know how.  Sometimes the answers may surprise you for the better.  Text us or call us with any questions.  704 527 7673.

International Adoption Agency has 19 years of experience.