Adopting Her Daughter from Bulgaria

Adopting a Child From Bulgaria

Meet Ana!  She is one of our moms who is adopting her daughter from Bulgaria.

When we first talked to Ana, we remembers hearing the heartbreak in her voice becuse of her failed attempts to adopt a child locally from foster care.

It wasn’t easy to convince Ana that the international adoption process wouldn’t end in another heartbreak.  But she went by faith and trusted that the outcome can be different with her Bulgarian adoption!

To Christ be the glory, we can now say she completed her adoption in 20 months and is home with her daughter since August 2021!

Bye Orphanage!

Bonding in Bulgaria – March 2021!

From Start to Finish – 20 Months 

Finish Home Study8 Months
Get CIS Approval2 Months Later (Nov, 2021)
Offical Match Received2 Months Later (Jan, 2021)
First Trip 4 Months Later (March, 2021)
Pick Up Trip4 Months Later (August, 2021)
Total20 Months

See Other Parents' Timelines

We have a few other families who are happy to share their stories and their timelines.  To see how long it took them to adopt, please see:

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Crowdfunding with us!

Over the years, we've watched our families raise a lot of money to help offset the cost of adoption.  We are unique in that we make it easy for our clients to crowdfund!

Let us help you with all the 'technical stuff' and as a result, give you a ready-to-use link from our site capable of collecting donations, for which your donors will receive tax deductible receipts.

You will tell us what you like us to share, and we'll take care  of all the technical stuff, giving you the 'final product' - a personalized link that you can text or email to friends and family whishing to chip in as little as $5 or as much as thousands of dollars.  To learn more, call or text us at 704 527 7673.

Meeting Her Daughter In Bulgaria

So, in April of 2020, Ana decided to let go of the painful past filled with disappointment in trying to adopt a child from her state’s foster care and moved forward with an international adoption! 

We helped her with the paperwork and in March 2021, a year later, she flew to Bulgaria to meet her daughter in person!

This is a good timeline considering that the world was closed for most of 2020 due to Covid. 

When she met her daughter, they fell deeply in love!  The bond and connection they have is a gift from God! As believers, we give thanks to Jesus Christ for putting this family together! (To see some Bible verses of encouragement, please click here). 

Pictures from Their Bonding Trip

mom and adoptive daughter sharing ice cream.
mom and daughter watching a soccer game together.
Adoptive mom meets her 12 year old daughter.

Ana’s Timeline with Her Adoption

As adoption professionals, one of the most common question we have to answer is “how long will this take”.  As you can imagine, this is a difficult question to answer because there are so many variables.

That is why we love sharing real stories of real adoptive parents who can testify to their own timelines.  Then you can compare to the the timeline that is on our site and see how they match up.

adoption contract

Step 1- Jan, 2020 – Contract

In mid January of 2020, Ana signed our agency’s contract for an adoption through Bulgaria.  This initiated her process and we set out to her meet eligibility requirements for a Bulgarian adoption.

Bulgarian Ministry of Justice Adoption Application.

Step 2 – March, 2020 – MOJ Application

Ana is adopting a waiting child, and so she completed the appropriate application required for this process as allowed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice.  She did so in March, 2020. 

Application to adopt from a Hague Country.

Step 3 – Nov, 2020 – CIS Approval

Despite everything being closed in 2020 due to Covid, Ana was able to complete her home study quickly.  Her home study agency did a great job and Cheryl Duke was a pleasure to work with! Then we helped her submit her I800-A Application  which resulted in her CIS Approval.  This is a key dossier document used in the foreign country for your eligibility as an adoptive parent.

Bulgarian Government approval for adoption.

Step 4 – Jan, 2021 – Bulgarian Registrar

Ana submitted her entire dossier including their CIS Approval and approved home study (or home study for expats)  to Bulgaria in 2020.  Then a month later, in January of 2021, the Bulgarian Central Authority (CA) issued her official registration confirming that her dossier has been “inscribed in the registrar”.  

mom and adoptive daughter sharing ice cream.

Step 5 – March, 2021 – Meet Her Daughter

Right around a year after submitting her MOJ application, and despite Covid delays, she was able to go and meet her daughter physically in Bulgaria.  It is an amazing match. One that only Jesus Christ can put toghether so well. 

Yesterday, May 19, 2021, we got news that Ana’s court hearing will be in June.  We can’t wait to send her back to Bulgaria shortly thereafter – so she can pick her daughter up! 

mom and daughter watching a soccer game together.

Step 6 – August, 2021 – Welcome Home

Right on schedule, our adoptive mom was due back in Bulgaria about 5 months later to pick her daughter up.  

The time between the first trip and the second trip is used to finalize the adoption through the Bulgarian court system.  When the adoptive parent is invited back, this means that the Bulgarian court ruled in favor of the adoption and granted custody of the child to the adoptive parent.  

This process was completed in mid July, 2021 and our adoptive mom was invited to go get her daughter in August! 

To Christ be the glory for this process which was sucessfuly completd and resulted with one less orphan in the world! 

How Can I Afford The Cost?

We can help you with crowdfunding!

With our agency, which we believe is unique, the cost of the adoption becomes due on your own timetable, not ours.  We call this a "floating fee structure"

We also offer 39 month financing which lets you make a fixed monthly payment for 39 months.  Some of our parents love this option because it lets them spend less money before they can qualify for grants. Apply for the our agency's "Catherine Grant" - worth $500.

Getting the adoption tax credit also helps parents with the cost of international adoption.

Succes Stories

Learning about the process by seeing how different families went through each step can be a good learning experience for future adoptive parents.  We've shared several stories, each with real timelines, and steps, as they happened in real life to real families.

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Finished adoption in 27 months.

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Finished adoption in 20 months

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Finished adoption in 18.5 months

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Finished adoption in 18 Months

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Finished adoption in 20 months.

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Finished adoption in 28 months

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Finished adoption in 30 months

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Finished adoption in 36 months

Gabe and Jessica's

Adopted 2 Year Old

Continue Your Research

We are humbled to have over 23 years of experience with BulgarianPolish and Serbian international adoption. We also help parents adopt children with special needs such as Down Syndrome.  Continue to learn about the process and your options by checking the links below.  If you have any questions, we offer a FREE, No-Obligation Consult.  The consult is a great place to start your research.

Text us or call us with any questions.  704 527 7673.

NC licensed adoption agency with 24 years of international adoption experience.

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