NC Family Adopting from Bulgaria

Updated: December 4, 2018 – “Paperwork Ready” Adoption Benefit

Adoption Benefit for Bulgarian Adoption


Update:  December 4, 2018 – Charlotte, NC

Matthew and Megan, thank you for fighting so hard to change the world for one! 

As I saw the “Blue Sky Band” sing at your benefit:

“Me and Jesus got our own thing going, Me and Jesus got it all worked out”,

It made me think that the way you guys approach your adoption process, thru faith, with so much peace at each step – is almost like you know that you and Jesus got this adoption all worked out before it even started. 

Sometimes, as I explain the Bulgarian adoption process to potential adoptive parents, they often ask me – “what else should I ask”.  To which I typically reply, “Ask yourself if you have peace about this process?”

That is, the peace that gives you enough faith to put aside all your “concerns” and your “desire to be in control”, while trusting that if God is leading you down this path, He will meet your needs – because at the end of the day, He knows your needs better than you do.   

The peace that you both have about your daughter, and that, as you say, she is already a part of your family was inspiring to me.  Having been a part of Saint Mary International Adoptions since 2001, I have personally encountered many situations that have grown my faith in more ways than one.  I can say that seeing your family at your benefit was truly one moment I will remember for a while that will inspire me to continue to do what I do at the agency.  

Thank you!  And thank you for letting my wife, Elizabeth, jump in and play with Matthew’s band, Blue Sky.  She had a blast! 

We are also thankful to Kitsey Harrison from the Yadkin Ripple who wrote the awesome article about your family, “Sizemores one step closer to welcoming daughter from Bulgaria”   Her article is Linked Below. 

-Nick and Elizabeth Ratchev- Saint Mary International Adoptions

Adoption Benefit raising money for Bulgarian Adoption.
Adoption Benefit raising money for Bulgarian adoption.
Adoption Benefit raising money for Bulgarian Adoption.
Parents adopting from Bulgarian.
150 in attendance for adoption benefit.

Original Post – March 1, 2018

Bulgarian International Adoption

March 1, 2018 – Charlotte, North Carolina.

It is a pleasure serving the Sizemore family with their Bulgarian adoption!  

Naturally, we will help them meet some requirements.  We’ll also help them put together some paperwork that will be needed before they can be found eligible to adopt internationally.  

But, furthermore, we enjoy helping in other ways. 

We wanted to share their story in hopes of helping them to raise some funds towards their adoption. The power of social campaigns like YouCaring is wonderful.  Making even a $5 donation can be of huge help! 

We admire their faithful walk towards adding to their family.  We wanted to help them. 

Will you join us? 

***Help Support the Sizemore Family***

You can also show your support by bying a T-Shirt that says:

Change the World for One

Inspired by John 14:18 which says:

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”