Accepting Terms To See Waiting Children


 Waiting Child Terms and Conditions:

As an adoptive parent thinking about adopting a waiting, special needs child, I recognize the need to keep all information that I have been given access to confidential.  This may include but not limited to the following:

  • Photographs
  • Videos (if any)
  • Medical and Social Info of the child/ren
  • Any identifying information related to the child and/or his or her country of origin.

I declare that I will not publicly share any of the child’s, obtained by me, information with any social media outlets, or any other individuals not related to my adoption process. I understand that there is no identifying information (ie. Birth Name, Complete Date of Birth, other etc) available on this site for any child. This will be provided to me at a later time shall I decide to proceed forward with the adoption of any particular child. In the event I breach any of these terms, I agree that Saint Mary International Adoptions may, in its discretion, discontinue its adoption relationship with me resulting in cancellation of my adoption. I also understand and agree that any fees paid up to that point will not be refunded. I understand that Saint Mary International Adoptions may, in its discretion, also file a court suit against me for breach of this confidentiality statement.  I understand and agree that submitting this statement of confidentiality does not necessarily indicate that my family meets the requirements necessary to proceed with the adoption of a child. (I also agree to be added to the agency’s mailing list which often times includes newly waiting children)

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