Poland Adoption Videos

Poland Adoption Videos Advocates for Orphans! 

As adoption professionals with plenty of experience, we get really good at certain things.  These things are legalistic in nature, or at least, requirements oriented.  We are good at that because we understand the process inside and out and we strive to make it easier for our parents.  We are humbled to have had the experience so that we can make that aspect of the process easy for our parents.   However, there are certain things that we just can’t explain.  How do you explain the emotion when a parent meets their child for the first time?  How do you explain to parents, what is it like to go to a foreign country and meet with officials who played an important role in their adoption?  How do you explain where they’ll be staying?  What the orphanages look like? What kind of activities they’ll be doing throughout their days?   No matter how hard we tried, we don’t think we can explain it as well as the videos you can watch of our real, “St. Mary’s Parents” who have shared these Poland adoption videos with us in order to make it easier on future parents!  That is why we refer to these adoptive parents of ours as “Advocates for Orphans“.   We are thankful to them for sharing these Poland adoption videos.   We invite you to enjoy them.  We hope and pray that God will use them for His plans! 

Family Shares their International Adoption Experience

It is with much gratitude that we post this video here. We, the staff at Saint Mary’s, see it as a blessing allowing us to show you what you could expect when you might get to travel to Poland to complete your adoption as a “St. Mary’s Parent”.

Poland Adoption Agency: A Trip to Poland

  We are again thankful to this family for doing so much for future adoptive parents. This video was specifically taken in order to show other adoptive parents considering Polish International Adoption what to expect when they travel abroad. It shows the...

Poland Adoption Video

We, the staff at St. Mary's cannot even describe how thankful we are for the parents that we serve. This “St. Mary’s Parent”, in her desire to help other future adoptive parents was kind enough to make this video.  Our adoptive mom shows you...

A Family’s Adoption Journey

We are also thankful for their willingness to share their personal international adoption video which they put together during their trip to Poland.

Poland Adoption: Kinga’s Homecoming!

This is a video taken by our adoptive parents of their daughter's homecoming upon completion of their international adoption from Poland. This can be a very inspiring video for those adoptive parents who are still going through the other stages of the process. We...

Polish International Adoption

This video was put together by one of Saint Mary International Adoptions' adoptive families. This is a heart-warming video of these parents' first encounter with their daughter.  It was recorded during their first trip to Poland. We are very grateful to this family...

Polish Adoption: St. Mary’s Adopted Children

  We wanted to share this video of this beautiful little girl who was adopted by a wonderful Christian family. She is growing up to know Jesus as she signs this "Jesus loves me" song. From the staff at St. Mary's, we feel blessed to have been given the...

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