Cost of Adopting from Poland

Poland Adoption Cost


Fees Paid in US
Application $300 Due with applicaiton
Agency Fee $6,200 Payment plan available
Dossier Fee $6,500 Due at your pace
Foreign Country Fees
Wire with Dossier $1,000 Due with submission of dossier
In Country Fee (Wire) $10,000 Due after you’ve accepted your child
Fee Due w Trip (Wire) $8,000 Due when you go to Poland
TOTAL $32,000
The fees above Do NOT include:
Home Study Fees (likely payable to a local agency in your state, unless you’re in NC)
Airplane Tickets
Cost of staying overseas and taking care of yourself and your child while in Poland
State and federally regulated certification or processing fees
Mailing expenses
Other third party fees
All of these fees are variable in nature. 
Poland Adoption Fee Structure Explained.  Timing of cost becoming due broken down.  Watch Video. 

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