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Polish Adoptive Family visits us in Charlotte !

– April 25, 2017 –

Poland Adoption “Featured Story” – March 24, 2017

Approximately $32,000.  Not including Home Study and Travel.

Fees Paid in US
Application $300 Due with applicaiton
Agency Fee $6,200 Payment plan available
Dossier Fee $6,500 Due at your pace
Foreign Country Fees
Wire with Dossier $1,000 Due with submission of dossier
In Country Fee (Wire) $10,000 Due after you’ve accepted your child
Fee Due w Trip (Wire) $8,000 Due when you go to Poland
TOTAL $32,000

Payments are roughly divided into 4 nearly equal installments with several months in between.

Key:  Our agency lets you go at your own pace.  No predetermined timetable in contract.  Its your timing.  Your pace.

Payment plans spreading out fees (using credit card) are available. PayPal Available for domestic fees.

For more detail on cost, please CLICK HERE.

1 Trip.  6 – 7 weeks in length.  Poland is serious about doing the bonding right – so they expect the parents to sacrifice to make this trip.  One parent can leave after about 3ish weeks.  Poland is a nice place to stay.  Most people find out that their employers will go along with it.  We’re happy to write letters to confirm your absence.  In addtion, federal law says that you have the right to 12 weeks FMLA.

You’re not eligible to veiw any waiting children in Poland before you’ve completed your dossier and submitted it to the Polish Central Authority.  Poland only considers your file for adoption after you’ve obtained the necessary paperwork. Agencies don’t have the “power” to hold your children.  For more on this, review the Hague Convention.

Most often the diagnosis we see coming from Poland is some sort of suspesion of FAS, low birth weigh, and/or neglect.  Of course, each child will have different needs.  Developmental dealys to be expected as usual in international adoption, though Polish orphanges and care provided is pretty nice relative to other countries.  We do NOT see many severe special needs cases such as Cerebral Palsy or Autism.

About 2 years from start to finish.  Year 1, you’ll be doing your homework.  Year 2, you’ll be going to Poland to do your bonding and complete the req’s to bring your child home.  Of course, both of these “estimations” are variable.  Some on your own speed and criteria.  Some on government.

3 Years Marriage Length.  40 year difference for the mom, 45 for the dad.

Longest standing agency in Poland.  Since 2001.

Most expereience and knowledge about the Polish commission’s req’s, in practice.

By His grace, over 200 Polish children placed since 2001.

Poland is open.  

Information contrary to that may come from sources that are opinion based, or are not reputable.

Our US Department of State has made two announcemnts about Poland.  For more info – CLICK HERE.

Questions and Interviews | Poland Adoption 

First, we are blessed to say that we are one of very few agencies who are fully accredited by the Polish Ministry of Labor and Social Policy to carry out adoptions from Poland. Since we began working, per God’s grace, we are blessed to report that we have been able to witness more than 198 children adopted by our parents.  We are thankful for this experience because with every adoption, we are able to better serve our parents yet to come.   We have worked with Poland since 2001 and have an excellent reputation among authorities in Poland. In our long years of working with Poland adoption, we have come to admire many things about Poland. We have witnessed how much they care about the children in their orphanages, and we are confident they have witnessed our passion for the adoption process as well. Over the years, we have developed a trustworthy relationship with everyone involved and have come to recognize the cultural significance attached by the Polish representatives for having and maintaining such an honest, ongoing partnership.

Can I Afford Adoption?

If there is a will, there is a way.  We will work with you to spread the fees on YOUR pace and timing. We’ll do what we can to help you raise funds.  

More Detail

Am I Ready to Start?

It won’t work out the way you plan.  Your faith and patience will be tested! But if God has put it on your heart, we’ll be at your side to help you!   

More Detail

What are Orphanages Like?

Orphanages are never a happy place, but relatively spekaing Polish orphanges are pretty nice.  

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What if I Say "no" to a referral?

Its never easy to say “no”, but sometimes it is a part of the process.  We just keep trusting, and keep moving forward. 

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Picking Your Agency?

We don’t claim to be perfect, or in control of everything – but our experience of nearly 18 years and 200+ adopted children surely helps!    

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We'll Support You Every Which Way!

We love what we do.  This is our social worker, Jennifer.  She’s been with us for over a decade!  She’ll be there to help you! 

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Waiting to go back.. - Not Fun

Knowing your child and having to wait to go get them is a pain.. hear about it from this military dad.. 

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Parents Survey - Referral Process


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Real Stories HAPPENING NOW..! 

Poland Baby Adoption

Polish International Adoption Meet Matt and Rebecca!  They're a North Carolina family, so we've met them in person -so we can tell you first hand that they're copletely awesome!  They fought hard to bring "PK" home!  When we needed something from...

“Before – After” Poland Adoption Stories | Since 2001 

Polish Adoption Story | 9 Years Later

We can’t believe that it has been 9 years since this Polish adoption was finalized. But here you have it – 9 years after photo – for these children who were adopted from Poland.

Before and After Adoption Stories

This inspired us to do this “before and after” post to show our adopted children stories and remind everyone how awesome adoption is!

  • Ages 1- 2 78%
  • Ages 3 – 4 50%
  • Ages 1- 2 56%
  • Ages 3 – 4 50%
  • Ages 1- 2 60%
  • Ages 3 – 4 25%

Polish Children Adopted in 2015

Polish Children Adopted in 2014

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Polish Culture and Stats

Poland has some of the best ratios of caregivers to children (apprx 1:8) and is a US/NATO Ally.

The info below is shared from CIA’s FactBook, Poland Page  that provides data on each country in the world by our very own CIA.  

Human beings are complicated, we all know that.  But some believe that education and religion can often times play an important role in the decisions you make for yourslef, your helath, your babies, even if these babies end up for adoption.  Here are some statistics about Poland that we found on CIA’s website.  

  • Religion: Roman Catholic 89.8%  
  • Literacy: Total population: 99.7%     
  • Mother’s mean age at first birth: 26.6
  • Population: 38,383,809
  • Unemployment: Ages 15 – 24: Total: 28.9%
  • Population below poverty line: 10.6%    

Poland Adoption Information

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