St. Mary's Adoptive Parents' Blogs

Real and...Entertaining!

Our Adoptive Parents’ Blogs! 

We are blessed with some amazing adoptive parents who have shared their thoughts, feelings, frustrations, and excitement about the adoption process through their blogs.   We are blessed that they’ve shared their blogs with us so that we can share them with you.   We have to warn you, these are real adoptive parents’ blogs.  They have not been edited, and are purely the product of what they post.  So in addition to their adoption stories, there are some funny stuff to read about including vivid descriptions of crazy Polish drivers, mall playground etiquette as seen through the eyes of a three year old…etc.  Basically, be warned!  Our adoptive parents’ blogs are pretty much priceless!  We pray that these adoptive parents’ blogs may inspire you to consider international adoption. After all, they did it, so you can too!   To God Be the glory for each child saved through adoption! 

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