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What a better to learn about the adoption process than to read the adoption stories of real adoptive parents.  These are real stories by real Saint Mary’s Parents whose perseverance to complete their dreams of adopting has resulted in our ability to share their adoption stories with you, our future adoptive parents.  We hope and pray that these stories will inspire you to pursue international adoption. 

Some of these inspirational stories were written by our agency, or more accurately posted by our agency but written by our adoptive parents.  Others were written by third parties such as Rainbowkids.com and/or Precious.org about our St. Mary’s parents and their adoption journeys. 

To God be the glory for every child adopted!  Enjoy! 

Two Less Orphans – A Poland Adoption Story!

We found St. Mary’s International Adoption on the internet during our initial investigation into adopting from Poland. When we continued to look further, we became more and more impressed with their accounts of successful adoptions and found comfort in their shared faith, belief in God and the power of prayer.

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St. Mary’s Adoptive Families

I was extremely impressed with the orphanage and their staff. They were all great people and seemed genuinely happy that Julia was going to her forever home. Our last day there, they understood we were having a hard time leaving and let us a little extra time with her.

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A beautiful family has been brought together in His glory…

We wanted to make sure that this agency was reliable and well-regarded in Poland, so we called the Polish adoption authorities, who confirmed that St. Mary’s is well known as an American placing agency in Poland. There are other adoption agencies that work with Poland, but we quickly realized that St. Mary’s was the best choice because of the fact that they were always available to answer our questions.

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Poland Adoption

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