Adopted Children’s Health Issues | Survey Comments 

The question on the adoption survey was: 

Overall, how would you describe your child’s health/issues at present day?

In addition to the multiple choices given, Saint Mary’s Adoptive Parents were given a comment box so that they could write anything they wanted. This is referred to as an open ended questions because the respondent can say exactly what is on their mind without any constraints.  

The opinions shared by our parents in regards to current health of their children is not the opinion of Saint Mary International Adoptions on this issue.  We simply wanted to get feedback from our parents in an attempt to better understand their thoughts and feelings, so that, we could devise strategies to better our services.  We wanted to share their thoughts with future adoptive parents because we think it is unique to provide opinion-based feedback of real people.  The adopted children’s names are not disclosed.  Neither are the adoptive parents’ names. 

A comment was not required, it was voluntary. Therefore, not all 22 respondents opted to say something.  Here are ALL the comments that were provided:

Here are all the comments of the adoptive parents about their adopted children’s health issues at present day:

“Our daughter is amazing. She is beautiful, happy, and very bright.”

“She is doing amazingly well! She super bright, kind, loving, compassionate, strong, and outgoing. She has achieved everything she has set out to do so far”

“She is doing very well, but needs to go to weekly Occupational Therapy for Camptodactyly which was completely left off her medical referral.”

“ADHD & minor glasses Rx & seasonal asthma are the only “issues””

“All medical issues were falsified because only unhealthy babies could leave the country.”

“Her general health is fine, struggles with behavior consistent with RAD, which couldn’t have been in the report but isn’t unexpected.”

“Her issue is with speaking. She understands everything extremely well. We are working on the verbal. The issue we were told she has she does. It just doesn’t affect much at this point.”


The opinions of these adoptive parents are not the opinions of Saint Mary International Adoptions. 


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