Child’s Medical Info at Time of Referral | Survey Comments

The question on the adoption survey was: 

How would you describe the medical info about your child presented to you at time of referral (before you traveled)?

In addition to the multiple choices given, Saint Mary’s Adoptive Parents were given a comment box so that they could answer the question in their own words in addition to, or instead of, selecting a multiple choice answer.  We like to implement comment boxes because they provide us with open ended answers about the adoption referral stages.

The opinions shared by our parents in regards to the medical and social information provided to them at time of referral are not the opinions of Saint Mary International Adoptions on this issue.  We simply wanted to get feedback from our parents in an attempt to better understand their thoughts and feelings, so that, we could devise strategies to better our services.  We wanted to share their thoughts with future adoptive parents because we think it is unique to provide opinion-based feedback of real people.  The children’s names are not disclosed.  Neither are the names of the adoptive parents providing these opinions in regards to the medical info provided during the adoption referral stages of the Polish adoption process. 

A comment was not required, it was voluntary. Therefore, not all 22 respondents opted to say something.  Here are all the comments that were provided:

Comments of the 5% of the 22 respondents who thought the child’s medical info at time of referral was UNDERSTATED, in their exact words: 

“The information was completely too vague. I had to push for answers to important questions which delayed our process. There was also the Camptodactyly condition that was completely left off her medical referral but when we got to Poland, it was all over her medical records. Makes me wonder why it was left off the referral.”

Comments of the 57% of the 22 respondents who thought the child’s medical info at time of referral was OVERSTATED, in their exact words:  

“It was understated in regards to her developmental delays. She was much more delayed than they said. She has caught up.”

“Only a little overstated. It was also spot on in some ways (developmental milestones, etc). The maternal and paternal history was the part that was the most overstated it seemed from the child himself.”

“The mom was said to be mentally retarded…after visiting Poland we were explained that polish people consider anyone on welfare “retarded” because they cannot support themselves.”

There were no comments of any of the respondents falling into the category of 38% of the 22 respondents who thought the child’s medical info at time of referral, was SPOT ON ACCURATE.

The opinions of these adoptive parents are not the opinions of Saint Mary International Adoptions. 

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