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The question on the adoption survey was: 

What did you think about the 10 hour adoption preparation course?

In addition to the multiple choices given, Saint Mary’s Adoptive Parents were given a comment box so that they could write anything they wanted.  This is referred to as an open ended questions because the respondent can say exactly what is on their mind without any constraints.  

The opinions shared by our parents in regards to the adoption preparation and education courses are not the opinions of Saint Mary International Adoptions on this issue.  We simply wanted to get feedback from our parents in an attempt to better understand their thoughts and feelings, so that, we could devise strategies to better our services.  We wanted to share their thoughts with future adoptive parents because we think it is unique to provide opinion-based feedback of real people.  The specific adoption course is not disclosed, nor are the adoptive parents’ names.  

A comment was not required, it was voluntary. Therefore, not all 22 respondents opted to say something.  Here are all the comments that were provided:


Comments of the 4% of the 22 respondents who thought the adoption preparation was NOT ENOUGH, in their exact words: 

“It freaked me out because I actually read it but by husband really did not absorb it so he was completely unprepared. It would have been better to have a live course”

Comments of the 73% of the 22 respondents who thought the adoption preparation WAS ENOUGH, in their exact words:  

“We were forced to think of situations and medical issues we probably wouldn’t have looked up on our own. A lot of it is scary information, but it is better to be informed and know what is out there than to jump in totally unaware”

“It prepared us as much as any course can. Every child is different and every situation is different”

We had to do a lot more hours for WI so i am sure that helped”

“it was more geared towards countries other than Poland it seemed – countries with very loose or unregulated laws (ie Romania, African nations etc). It could tend to scare those that have not done research ahead of time”

“Informative but the sources could be improved. Better sources than Wikipedia”

“This wasn’t the only research we did, so combined with our personal research it was enough”

Comments of the 23% of the 22 respondents who selected “OTHER” and commented, in their exact words:  

“I don’t remember getting much out of that course but it was 4 years ago”

“It scared the cr*p out of us as to what we were getting into”

“I liked it as we read so many other books that we felt it was enough”

“I took classes in person at Hand in Hand Intl Adoptions”

The opinions of these adoptive parents are not the opinions of Saint Mary International Adoptions. 

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