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Waiting Children Updated – Dec 18, 2018

Are "Waiting Children" all the Children Waiting?


In fact, most of the children available for international adoption will not appear on here, or other “waiting child photo-listings”. 

The photo-listing is allowed by Bulgarian MOJ.  They allow it to advocate for these children because they have more severe special needs or are older.   

If you are not open to adopting special needs, or older children you may want to consider  Traditional Bulgarian Adoption. 

A "Waiting Child Warning" from St. Mary's Friendly Staff

In order to prevent heartbreak, we advise that you do not fall in love with waiting children before understanding the adoption process, it’s timetables, and necessary approvals.  Please also understand the child’s special needs before considering them further. 

Please know that waiting children are not, or should not, be held “waiting” by an agency.  Those agencies who abide by the Hague Convention’s international adoption laws work under the supervision of governments, both domestic and foreign, to provide adopiton services.  Agencies do not have the authority to keep waiting children.  Only governments who have jurisdiction of the children may be willing to do that given that you follow their requirements and their timetable for the adoption process. 

Poland Adoption

Bulgaria Adoption


Did you know..?

What country may deny parents because they're obese?

Philippines’ ICAB says obesity is BMI of 35 or more.

China – 40 BMI

See more FACTS and STATS HERE.

What country requires parents to stay a min of a "few months to 2 years to bond"?


See more FACTS and STATS HERE.

What country requires that orphans are 5 or older to be eligible for adoption?


See more FACTS and STATS HERE.

What country requires parents to "share a household for a set amount of time, not to exceed 6 mo"?


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See Rules/Stats from Around the Globe

brothers waiting to be adopted

Brothers Waiting to Be Adopted

Brothers waiting for parents

Waiting child Iris

Waiting Child Iris

Waiting Child Iris

Siblings waiting for parents.

Waiting Siblings Ella Maggie and Iverson

Waiting Children Maggie Ella and Iverson.

Waiting siblings for parents.

Waiting Children Gia and Jace

Meet Jace and Gia.  Jace is 10. Special needs: None! Healthy child with normal physical and neuro-psychological development.   Jace is bilingual and in his desire to express himself he frequently changes words into Turkish. He understands and follows instructions,...
Child waiting to be adopted

Waiting Child Gareth

Special Needs Waiting Child Gareth.

Waiting child from Bulgaria.

Waiting Child Kami

Waitng Child Kami

Sibling group available for adoption.

Waiting Children Roseanne Kristi and Eddy

Waiting Children Eddy Kristi and Roseanne.

Siblings waiting for international adoption.

Waiting Children Alfonso Ignazio and Ilario

Waiting Children Alfonso Ignazio and Ilario.

waiting children for adoption

Waiting Children Karl and Vaughn

Waiting Children Karl and Vaughn

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