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Is Your Waiting Child Really Waiting?

Not all Hague countries have the same rules when it comes to allowing waiting children to be taken off their lists.  

Adoption agencies don’t have the “authority” to take children off lists.  

Bulgaria is one of very few countries where potential adoptive parents submit an appication directly with the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice.  Not any agency.  (Any agency that claims to be able to “match you with a child” may end up like this)

Then the MOJ can approve or decline the application.  If it approves, it thereby determines that it is in the best interest of the child to be taken off the list for 6 months – during which time parents must complete home study and get CIS approval.  

With St. Mary’s, we don’t charge you any money to help you submit this application to the Bulgarian MOJ. 

We invite you to watch our youtube video explaining the appropriate steps when considering adopting a child from the “waiting list”.  Also, we’ve shared an article posted by Rainbowkids – that was written by our agency’s Manager – warning adoptive parents of the rules that need to be followed in this process. 

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