FBI Clearances are required for both the home study and for your dossier. 

You can expedite your FBI clearances. 

To read more about the expediting service click below. 



The Expeditor’s Form is here.


This government authorized expeditor was previously known as “My FBI Report”.  They’ve rebuilt their site to redirect any old links to the current link above.  Just FYI.

If you need any help with their forms, or have questions for them, please contact them: 



You will have to go get fingerprinted in a local police station.  Your social worker should be a good source to tell you where to go get fingerprinted.  

You need to request that they print off your fingerprints and give you a physical card.  This card, you will send to the expeditor along with their filled out application form and fee (from link above). 

Again, if you have any questions for them for how to expedite your FBI clearances, please contact them.   


So far, we’ve only talked about obtaining the FBI clearance. 

Next Step will be to apostille it. 

Please pay attention to this document because it is different than the others in terms of how to apostille FBI Clearances.  It is the only blue box on the list to indicate that it is apostilled differently.

Here is the difference in terms of how to apostille FBI Clearances.   This clearance is issued by the FBI which is a federal agency.  Therefore, the apostille CANNOT be issued by your secretary of state like the other doucments.  The apostille must be issued by the US Department of State.

So Lets’ review the steps to get an Apostille for your FBI Clerances.   


1.  Contact Expeditor – follow their instructions to get the needed forms to them.  If you have quetions, please call their customer service. 

2.  Once you get your clearances from Expeditor, you send to DOS in VA for apostille.    

3.  No copies. No affidavits. No notary oaths.

4.  Take the FBI Clearances and send them directly to US Department of State.

5.  Once The Department of State sends you your apostilled copy, make a photocopy of it – for the second set.  

Current Address: 

Office of Authentications
U.S. Department of State
44132 Mercure Cir, P.O. Box 1206
Sterling, VA  20166-1206

Current Fee: 

$8 per Apostille 

Note:  Effective October 6, 2014, all express mail air bill labels sent to the Office of Authentications for the use of returning documents must reflect the customer’s mailing address as both the sender and recipient.

FedEx not acceptable as of 02/01/2017   


Warning:  DOS really likes to change things!  So, please call them to make sure that nothing has changed.  Common things that can change include:  Address, cover letter, amount of fee, or what mail courier the accept or don’t accept