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One of our adoptive moms signs her email with, “My favorite book says we are all adopted”.   She is referring to Ephesians 1:5, which says, “His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. And this gave him great pleasure”.

As God’s grace is sufficient for us so that we can be saved, we believe international adoption is a way to extend this grace to the kids who need to be saved. We give all the glory to God for the work He does through our adoption agency and we feel blessed to have been given a front-row seat so that we can witness our adoptive parents’ incredible adoption stories.

We serve our parents by providing adoption services from the countries of Poland and Bulgaria.

Our Polish International Adoption Program is our main focus.  We are blessed to have over 15 years of experience with Polish adoption.  During this time, we’ve witnessed  over 181 (including 1 more as of July 3, 2015).  Over the years, we’ve come to admire the Polish people, the Polish adoption process and how deeply they care for the kids in their orphanages, as well as our adoptive parents.

We feel blessed that we’ve been lead on this road in assisting the true heroes – the adoptive parents seeking to share their love with the children who need it most. 

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How to Apostille Passport Copies

How To Apostille Copies of Your Passports Another item in your Polish Adoption Dossier are copies of your passports.  This was linked in blue on the previous page to indicate that the process of apostilling will be similar to the other documents linked in a blue box. So, you will make copies of each of your passports’ page(s).  The one page that has your picture on it. On the back of the copy, you will state that it is a true copy of your passport and then you’ll notarize your signature before sending to your home state for apostille. So in summary, here is the steps describing how to Apostille passport copies: Make two photocopies (for 2 dossier sets) of the page of your passport that has your picture on it. Do so for husband and wife. On the back of the photocopy, place the affidavit followed by the oath.  These are below. Send both copies to your secretary of state where you reside for Apostille.  Your state uses the following cover letter to process apostilles.  It is linked here for your convenience.  The address is:    The processing fee is $10.00 per document. HOWEVER, for adoptions only, the fee for a duplicate is $5.00 when requested at the same time.  So this means that if you send two identical home studies, which you are doing, the first will be $10 and the second will be $5 for a total of $15 for both.  Make payment to the “NC Secretary of State.” Sometimes, things will change from the time we give you the instructions till the time you send... read more

How to Apostille FBI Clearances

Getting your FBI Clearance Apostilled The FBI clearances are an important part of both your home study and your Polish Adoption Dossier.  In our first email to you, the “welcome email”, I attached instructions on how to contact FBI in order to obtain those clearances.  It can take several weeks for them to issue these clearances.  Once they’ve mailed you back the results, your social worker will take a look and describe the findings in the home study.  Then, for your Polish dossier, you will get an apostille.   Please pay attention to this document becuase it is different than the others in terms of how to apostille FBI Clearances.  It is the only orange box on the list to indicate that it is apostilled differently. Here is the difference in terms of how to apostille FBI Clearances.   This clearance is issued by the FBI which is a federal agency.  Therefore, the apostille CANNOT be issued by your secretary of state like the other doucments.  The apostille must be issued by the US Department of State. Here is the step by step format explaining how to apostille FBI Clearances.  FBI will only send you one copy of your clearance (for each of you).  That is fine. We take the original and we use it to get it an apostille.   No copies. No affidavits. No notary oaths. Take the Original and send it directly to US Department of State. Once The Department of State send you your apostilled copy, make a photocopy of it – for the second set.   The Form that the US Department of State... read more

How To Apostille Marriage Certificate

Getting an Apostille for Marriage Certificate The marriage certificate (and your birth certificates) are a little bit different.  Here is why.  Because this document is issued by the State, it does NOT need the extra steps before it can be apostilled.  The state recognizes it so it doesn’t need as many steps as some of the other documents.  You would contact that State’s Vital Records, or a department with a similar name, and order 4 Certified Copies of your Marriage Certificate. You are ordering these certifcates from the State where you were married.   You need 4 Certified Copies of your marriage certificate for the entire adoption process.  It is probably best to get all of them at once.    Remember, everything in your Polish dossier is in two sets.  2 of these certified copies will be for your Polish Adoption Dossier. 1 of the 4 total certified copies is for the home study, and 1 is for CIS.    So  here is how to Apostille Marriage Certificate:   Order 4 Certified Copies from the state where you were married.  2 of them are for the dossier. Send to that same state’s Secretary of State, where you were married, to obtain an apostille.   Note:  These certificates will not go to the state where you are currently living (if it is a different state than where you were married).  The apostille has to be issued by the State that issued the marriage certificates.  In your case, your marriage certificate is issued by this state.  In order to get an apostille from said state, you would send your request to... read more

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The Council on Accreditation (COA), a national accrediting entity designated by the US Department of State to provide Hague Accreditation and Approval, invites the public to provide comment on intercountry adoption service providers seeking Hague Accreditation, Approval or Renewal. You are invited to provide comments through COA’s website at: 

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